6 Travel Trends that will become mainstream Post-Covid

Covid-19 pandemic has been a black swan event for travellers. Never ever in past that word “Travel” has been put under so much scrutiny. However you cannot keep a good traveller away from travelling for too long. So when the travellers start to travel, Let me share with you emerging trends that will become mainstream after India emerging from the dark shadows of Covid-19.


Exclusive Getaways

Getaways have always been an urban traveller thing. Getaways are where Travellers spend time with their near and dear ones and get rejuvenated while being away from their daily routine.

Post Covid-19 lockdown, every getaway resort will have to eventually follow Govt. stipulated Covid protocol to get back into business. However travellers will be suspicious of these protocols being actually followed in its true spirit. Travellers would feel more comfortable and in control of hygiene factors if they had the whole resort to themselves. Here they can ensure hygiene standard being followed and control what and how meals are served.   

Verdict : We expect small resorts, private getaways, exclusive boutique retreats, villas, bungalows to be in greater demand post Covid.

McIver Homestay at Coonoor

Offbeat Stays

The word Offbeat is acronym for Off-the-beaten-track and in travel terms it simply means where not many tourists go. Crowded touristy destinations have come under a scanner post Covid and for reasons of safety travellers would prefer staying away from the big touristy crowds. So we expect offbeat destinations (e.g. ones in Coastal Karnataka) be preferred over the mainstream holiday destinations.    

Verdict : We expect lesser visited destinations preferred over popular tourist destinations. So expect more demand for Coastal hamlets, Himalayan Hamlets, plantation hideaways.


Off Season Travel / Easy paced travel

Off-Season is when fewer tourists arrive and there are less crowds. So tourists may prefer weekday travel for weekend getaways and off season for holiday travel. The main idea behind this to avoid crowds and enjoy an easy paced travel around minimal crowds that would further minimise chances of being infected with Covid-19. 

Verdict : Post Covid-19, expect more monsoon Travel to Coastal areas, Winter travel to Himalayan areas. Expect travellers to opt for easy paced travel resulting in longer stays at destinations


Driving Holidays 

Driving Holidays or Self drive holidays were considered by some as “Tiresome” and by some others as even “Unsafe”. So it was one opted by those who loved to drive. Post-Covid travellers feel it is safer to be in your own car than travelling by a public transport (Bus, Train or Flight). Other benefit of a Driving Holidays is that family / friends can spend time together and enjoy the Indian countryside while being in complete control of the pace of their holiday.

Verdict : Post Covid-19 expect greater demand for self-drive cars and travel planning ideas for driving holidays for anywhere from 4 to 10 nights (Typical length of any short break and holidays)


Wildlife Getaways / Holidays 

Apart from Photographers and Wildlife travellers, Wildlife destinations were always preferred by sophisticated travellers / celebrities and all those who wanted to be away from tourist glare. The stay options at Wildlife destinations are typically smaller, cottage styled having a spreadout character offering exclusivity. The stays here serve fresh meals from locally grown organic produce and only set of activities are around the pristine reserve forest areas. Entry into these areas are limited to only those having a permit. Post Covid-19 even the regular tourist will also consider Wildlife destinations as a better option for getaways and holidays as they are pure, close to nature and totally away from crowded touristy areas.       

Verdict : Post Covid-19 expect greater demand for Wildlife destinations for Getaways / holidays. 


Experiential Holidays / “Real India” Exploration 

A lot of early travellers are “done with” India as a tourist destination and have moved onto exploring the world. Post Covid-19 there may be restrictions and inhibitions on International travel and these may want to turn to exploring India again. Tourism offerings in India in last 10 years have evolved and these travellers would look at exclusive experiential stays for the “real india” discovery around heritage hotels, craft heritage, cultural heritage and cuisine / culinary experiences.   

Verdict : Post Covid-19 expect greater demand for exclusive experiential stays in Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and the wildlife / himalayan destinations.

I have been driving Nivalink forward for 20 years now and travelling across India constantly. I sincerely see more travellers gravitating towards above options / ideas. Do write to me on vashiniraj@gmail.com or ask@nivalink.co.in for more ideas and recommendations. Me and my team would be delighted to help you plan an amazing getaway / Holiday once Covid-19 behind us.


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